The 2018 foal crop is starting out nicely! So far we have a Colt and a Filly sired by Westerdale Prospect and a Colt And Filly Sired by Cypress Creek Prince's Kodak Moment. We are excited by all of them. We did have one set of twins sired by Kodak and sadly only one of them lived. She is a small filly with a big heart and doesn't know a stanger. There is a lot of love in Little Della
​More pictures to come!
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U Lazy V Prospect's Carmel

Born April 18, 2016, Carmel is a great colored great marked filly sired by Westerdale Prospect out of Oakwood Castle Top Isabell. She is a very stylish filly who has a  "get up and go" attitude. She is a big filly that travels with her head up and great action. She has great bone and plenty of pastern, with a nice long hip.  Pictured here at four months old.

U Lazy V Prospect's Rose

Rose was born May 5, 2016. She is a very elegant filly with the right kind of neck and head set and a beautiful set of hocks. She is a great moving filly.  Rose is sired by Westerdale Prospect and out of G.S.F. Lilly May who is a nice thick bodied big mare with great action and a wonderful mind. Pictured here at almost three months.

U Lazy V Bentley's Belle 

Belle was born May 20, 2016. She is a very leggy filly with such a sweet disposition she will melt your heart. She is sired by HMH Rockin Bentley out of CBR Angel Prospect Bobby making her a granddaughter of our stallion, Westerdale Prospect. Between the Bentley bloodlines and the Westerdale Prospect bloodlines this filly has some of the best foundation Scottish bloodlines around. 
Bell's mother Bobby is a nice Scottish type mare with a great topside, good bone and foot and plenty of feather. She is a very kind mare and easy to be around just like her daughter Belle is. She is pictured here at just five months old.
Boss is a very flashing big colt. He is very playful and loves attention. Boss is sired by HMH Rockin Bentley out of CBR Jasper's Gracie Westerdale Maid making him a Grandson of our stallion, Westerdale Prospect. There is a lot of great bloodlines in this colt. He has excellent action and you got to love those legs! He was born June 9, 2016 and is pictured here at four months old.